The Benefits of Using Feed Pellets

You want to feed your livestock what is best for them, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Purchasing the right hay locally can be difficult and expensive, and providing the proper nutrients to your livestock is paramount to keeping them healthy.

Young and old animals have different nutritional requirements as do animals that are worked regularly or used as breeders. Purchasing hay, and feed separately and getting it to your cattle and horses in the proper proportion can be guesswork. However, there is an easy and convenient way around this problem.

Livestock Feed Pellets

Developed for the health of your cattle and horses, pellets that are formulated from locally grown hay are designed to take the guesswork out of feeding. Used by ranchers and hobby farmers for over a half a century, feed pellets are made from sun dried alfalfa and Bermuda hay. The hay is then processed and mixed with the proper nutrients, under controlled conditions, into a pellet that is easy for you to handle and simple to feed to your livestock.

Better nutrition for your livestock is the biggest benefit of using feed pellets, but it is not the only benefit. Feed pellets are easy to handle and there is 10% less waste over using hay. Dispensing the right amount of feed pellets for each animal is easier as you can ration their feed portions based on their weight and workload.

Benefits of Using Feed Pellets – 

  • Nutritionally balanced rations for your livestock.
  • No hay dust to deal with.
  • No waste and a 10% percent saving over hay bales scattered and not consumed.
  • Easier to ship, store and handle than hay.
  • Easier to more accurately gauge the amount of feed necessary for your cattle and horses than traditional hay and grain feeding procedure.
  • Nutritionally optimized for your animals’ dietary needs.

Better Nutrition by Design

Every animal has different nutritional needs based on their age, overall health, whether they are worked frequently or are being used for breeding. At Sacate Pellet Mills, we have three formulations of feeding pellets to fit the needs of your animals based on their age and lifestyle.