How to Pick the Right Pellet for Your Horse Breed

Feeding your horse can be more difficult than feeding your family. Just like your child, horses need different nutrition according to their weight, activity level and health.  There are also different types of feed that meet these needs. For instance, you have the typical corn and hay feed, beets and pellet food. No one food is going to provide the perfect feed solution for all horses, but the current trend in horse breeding is to favor the pellet food feeding method above the others.

Picking The Right Pellet

So, how can you be sure to pick the right pellet for your horse breed? Pellet food is kibbled allowing providing horses with consistent nutritional value in each bite. One of the advantages to using pellet food is that it makes it easier for the owner for handle and feed the horses. You will also have the consistent quality in the nutritional content of the food and be able to better plan your horses’ diet. Horses, like children, are picky eaters. If the food is not in the pellet form, they may spit out the morsels that they don’t like. Taste tests have been done on horses, and even those horses with a sweet tooth enjoy the taste of pellet food!

Food Pellets From Sacate Pellet Mills

Since 1985, Sacate Pellet Mills has produced pellet feed with 100% natural fibers and zero artificial fillers or additives. They are located in Arizona, but their pellets are sold at feed stores throughout the country. Their pellets eliminate hay dust you get with traditional horse feeding methods and they are easier to store. According to their calculations, an average 1.000 lb. working horse should eat between 15-16 lbs. of pellets per day. However, you should still use your common sense. If your horse is gaining weight quickly, then adjust the amount of food that they are given. The Thorough Bred Complete Pellets are meant for moderate to heavy working horses as well as nursing mares and yearlings. This blend contains corn and caned molasses for a mix that not less than 12% crude protein.

For light working horses as well as nursing mares and yearling, you should use the Standard Brand Alfalfa Blend pellet. This mixture does not contain corn and the crude protein is less than 14%. For lighter working horses, they suggest using the Bermuda Blend Alfalfa pellet and Cubes.

No matter what type of horse you own or the type of work they do, Sacate Pellet Mills has a formula to ensure that your horse gets the right amount of nutrition no matter what your horse’s age, weight or breed.