Sacate’s Commitment To Using Locally Grown Ingredients

Sacate Pellet Mills provides only high quality, nutritious products comprised of 100% natural ingredients. Sacate’s commitment to using locally grown ingredients ensures that we know where our ingredients come from and what they contain. We have been in the business for over 18 years and are firmly established as a reliable and trustworthy source of excellent feeding products.

The Advantages Of Pellet Feeding

Pellets provide a far more balanced ratio of nutrients each time your animals take a bite. With less waste in feeding, pellets offer livestock owners an economic advantage as well. It is proven pellets can save as much as 10% over baled hay feeding, as the hay is often scattered and lost during feeding time. Another benefit to using pellets is the elimination of dust. Traditional hay feeding can be an extremely dusty process, particularly when the bales are being distributed into feeder boxes.

Aditionally, when horses are fed hay they have a tendency to develop heaves. By feeding them pellets this tendency is reduced as pellets are more balanced than hay. If you feed your working horses a ration of half grain and half hay, you can replace this feeding with just one pellet and provide them with more nutrition. This allows you not only to give your horses the balanced diet they deserve, but it saves you from having to purchase, mix and feed two different types of food as well.

Lastly, pellets are much less bulky than hay, and are much easier to ship and store. With pellets causing less waste and packaged more conveniently, it makes gauging the amount of feed you need to purchase easier.

Using Local Ingredients To Produce Better Products

Sacate’s commitment to using locally grown ingredients means that we only purchase from suppliers who have completed a certification program. This certification program tests their products for potentially harmful substances that could affect the health of your animals. In this way, we take the extra measures we feel are necessary to ensure you that you are using only the finest natural product.

Our commitment to using locally grown ingredients also allows for strict quality control in the development of our pellets. Because of this, you can be assured of getting the finest, cleanest and safest natural feed products for your animals.