January 21, 2021
horse breeds

Tips for Feeding Different Horse Breeds

For the most part, horses all have the same general feeding requirements: between 1.5 and 2.5 percent of their body weight, mostly in roughage. However, different […]
January 12, 2021
history of horses

The History of Horses and Humans

The history of horses is also a little bit the history of human advancement. These days, most horse owners ride as a pastime, but for thousands […]
December 21, 2020
horse transport

5 Tips for Successful Horse Transport

Whether you’re trailering to a trail ride, hauling your horse to a show, or moving someplace new, horse transport can be a big deal. Too many […]
December 16, 2020
equine dentistry

How to Keep Your Horse’s Mouth Healthy With Equine Dentistry

Your horse’s dental health is an important part of his overall health. Without healthy teeth, your horse can’t eat, and will fail to thrive. Anyone who […]
November 26, 2020
all natural horse feed

Common Feed-Related Horse Ailments

For large, sometimes dangerous animals, horses can be amazingly fragile. There are a number of ailments horses can suffer that relate directly to their feed. Here […]
November 16, 2020
horse adoption

Adopting From a Rescue: What You Need To Know

Adding a horse to your family is always a happy feeling, but it can be especially rewarding when you know that you’re giving a home to […]